About VEFO

About VEFO

We offer Architectural Precast Concrete

We're in this business since 1980.

At VEFO, innovation drives progress, and in the realm of design, our Innovative Design Precast Concrete Shapes stand as a testament to creative possibilities. These shapes are more than just products; they are a canvas for your imagination, a tool to bring your unique ideas to life.

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Partial Projects for Residential and Commercial.

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In the world of architectural design attention to detail is everything.

Our custom foam shapes are the ideal choice for a variety of applications, including:
Historic Restoration
Enhance the beauty of historical structures while maintaining their original charm.
Retail & Commercial Spaces
Elevate the interior and exterior aesthetics of retail spaces, hotels, and office buildings.
New Construction
Add unique and eye-catching architectural details to your new building project.
Residential Homes
Give your home a distinctive look with custom-designed foam shapes.
Landscape Design
Create stunning outdoor spaces with custom foam shapes for columns and pillars.

Residential – Commercial – Exterior – Interior